WordPress Template

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WordPress Editing:

There are so many ways to Style your WordPress blog, here is how I styled my blog theme and used my very own style using CSS style to customize the look for my blog.Check out few styling options used.

First of all, i wanted to change my old theme Blogarama to a very simple and white background.interestingly the WordPress themes options have so many different themes to choose from, so I decided to keep it simple and selected a the Blog Way theme.

After changing my theme I felt it was a bit plain and needed some features in the sidebar, which looks like an empty space so you can I customised the theme and add more widgets by going to the :

Customizing ▸ Widgets ▸Sidebar

Use the widgets you want to style your blog with by adding widgets: Add Widgets ▸

For my blog, I customised by adding widgets to my sidebar Like

  • Images
  • Author Profile
  • Recent post
  • Calendar
  • Pages
  • Recent Comments

And Look I have my new Blog all set up with my picture and calendar and all cool widgets

Also on my theme, I modified three CSS Selectors,



In order to edit header theme under editor in appearance, I changed the background color from transparent to blue for the h1 class.



The second CSS selector for the theme that I edited was the font size in the p (Paragraph), class.For my theme, all my classes were edited under editor which was in the appearance option.


The third and final element that I changed for the theme CSS selector was the font family which changes the font style of the class which where is associated with a class, so the font family I changed was,”Times New Roman”  to “Courier New”.

My HTML Syntax:

My HTML Code:

My CSS code:

My CSS class is named as mystyle and is an attribute to the paragraph in which I have changed the font color, font type, and font size, Below is the code defined in CSS and added to the paragraph<p> in HTML syntax:

This is my h1 heading

This is my h2 heading

This is my h3 heading

my unordered list is a list of my favorite beverages

  • Coke
  • Sprite
  • Canada Dry


And Finally, i have also installed google analytics and placed the script in my footer