Three Image composition for TTC

Here are three images that I took my assignment of TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) using different photo editor, and different devices it was super fun to have this experience and learn new things with respect to image editing and image composition below are the three images and the image editor I used to edit these images.

It was on the day of thanksgiving when I decided I would get some pics of the TTC for my assignment while, traveling to my aunt’s place for Thanksgiving. but was not sure if I would be getting an image since I thought I would get less frequency and would have to wait to get a good shot. But I was amazed at how I could get to click so many pics of the train since the frequency of the TTC was so good even during a holiday, The TTC provides a lot of facilities and good service during the peak days and public holidays isn’t that amazing. Such an enjoyable way to escape the traffic!

The best part of this image is the contrast of the light with the shadow on the flooring which gives it a effect like the leading lines which puts the viewers attention to the subway and the subway train with the logo which is so Kool using the effect from PicsArt, the Soul Magic effect gives it an animated look with the colours just as they were in the original image but a very neat view of my image.

So here is what I did to get the look for my image:

  • Took a picture from my Samsung Phone.
  • Used for giving it the artistic look
  • Used the Soul Magic Effect filter and with the help of my snipping tool cropped the unwanted part of my image.
  • Copied it onto my Microsoft word document and styled it with the simple white frame.

The second choice of image I chose is the new comfortable and luxurious streetcars, on my way back home I got into the streetcar to go till Spadina station and these streetcars were so neat and brand new and quite huge than the old ones it has the big windows which are so beautiful when in downtown Toronto to view the beauty around the city. This image was so bright because of the lightning and the bright colors so I chose to show the image with the color of the TTC i.e. red, white and the yellow lines depicting the rules and discipline.

This image has leading lines that focus at the end of the streetcar and somewhat diagonal lines. There are few things I did in order to give this image a new look I cropped the unwanted part that was looking off from the entire image and then using befunky photo editor using the exposure feature I adjusted the brightness, contrast, shadows, and fall light which reduced the bright lights from the image then in the featured option I chose the old-style filter effect to give it a black & white effect with a little color resembling the brand color. And finally, the by adjusting the Hue, saturation and temperate to the desired color and cooling the final effect for this image was delivered.

The iPhone 6s continuous image snapshot effect gave me a chance to capture multiple images and choose an image for my brand.

And finally, I wanted to show the achievement that the brand is very proud of by being the transit system of the year this image is well framed and follows the rules of third I have beautified the image with the beautify filter in befunky photo editor and sharpened the text and the logo, then also adjusted the hue and temperature by giving it a cooling look.

To give the frame a sharpen look I sharpened the image using the sharpen filter which gives it a good blend of the shades and enhances its texture. And Finally, the Scratched texture gives it a nice metallic look like the train. This image was captured on the Samsung S7 device

This assignment has helped me understand the different ways of image composition and build my skills in clicking pictures by determining an angle and change my perspective to looking at images as an art.Also, image editing is a stronger tool to enhance and beautify the look of an image which takes a lot of skills and a eagles eye to understand what’s good for the image and what’s not.

  • riya dian ronald pinto