“How-to” create a video

So today I will be telling you my step by step guide into making this simple video for my TTC brand incorporating the #ThisIsWhere campaign by TTC to stand up against harassment and intolerance with the safety Mobile app

  • Step 1: First, I took the video of the moving bus using my Snapchat video in landscape mode with the option which allows me to take only a 10-second video.
  • Step 2: Then I took an image of Seneca from Markham campus, the logo was on the help desk table cover image captured an still video via my snapchat and applied a bright filter. and then in the Instagram picture option, I used the image and gave it vignette effect and then used the tilt-shift for more bold effect.
  • Step4: Then I shot few one-liner story of people who are a frequent traveler with the TTC and gave them some filter like the Toronto geo filter, and for the other girl in the video selected a light color filter, to keep it simple
  • Step5: The end was shot in slow motion in snapchat video, in a vertical manner to get the look for the final video.
  • Step 6: Using windows movie maker, I edited the video by adding songs to the video maker audio library, added movie themes, rotated my tilted images.and added few transitions for my text. with the text to make it look like a story and added all my snapchat video.

Device: The video was captured using Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Mobile 

Video Platform: Snapchat

This video will be valuable in promoting the safety and harassment app via  #ThisIsWhere.storyboards and send out a message of the daily incidences and the stories of individual who frequently commute to their destination.Help reach out to people to combat against harassment on the TTC.Make it an ride which is safe, Just and equal to all race, community, religion.The main motive of the video is to get people together to support and stand against crime, harassment and feel safe in their very own city.