Frames and Filters

The TTC has many social media platforms and creative ways of reaching out to its dedicated audiences.One such way is making use of geo filters on Snapchat and facebook frames that allow audiences to show their love for the brand and also help in promoting the the TTC
Today using the creative media platform from Facebook and Snapchat I have created Facebook frames and Geofilters for TTC.Check my blog post to see how did I create my filters and frame:

Facebook Frame:

So here is an image of me enjoying my TTC frame I feel the feature is so cool,Here are few simple steps how I got this done:


Firstly, I downloaded few images that I would need to build my frame, then used the TTC logo given in my school blackboard. finally, I got a vector image the cap to match the TTC color.

The next element Badge I used canva to make the badge from the elements option that the tool provides there are a variety of shapes to choose from, but for the badge effect I chose the circle and for the text written in it I used the text editor by canva and used the font to write I Toronto.Then, downloaded a red Toronto maple leaf to match the frame and placed it all together making it look like a badge.

Then for the streetcar, I, chose a white image and using Pixlr got rid of the unwanted white background using the magic brush and lasso.Then in order to build my frame, I used the frame builder by facebook and got all my elements together with the way I wanted my frame to look. Also made the badge transparent by the transparent option the frame builder provided me with which looked like the picture below after uploading

The little gree icon on the picture helped me get rid of the square box surrounding my badge, which also is used to make the unwanted part of the picture transparent.Also unlike the geo-filter facebook frame allows you to publish the frame once it is ready to test and then u can click some crazy snaps with your filter. Isn’t it easy and amazing to build these cool and amazing frames in simple, and easy steps using facebook frame developer.

Snapchat Geo-Filter:

The Snapchat Geo-Filter was created on

  • First, I opened the Pixlr web app and began to build my frame on a 1080px by 1920 px on a transparent background, then downloaded the TTC Logo image given to us via blackboard and placed it on the top center of the frame.
  • Then to add more effects on my filter I downloaded few PNG vector images of the CN Tower to depict  TTC in Toronto city and the red bus as TTC bus running on the streets of Toronto area.with the small location symbol which was cropped from the below images and made into a vector image in pixPixlr.
  • This text has been written using the dapper text in Canva and then after writing the text I My Ride I inserted the heart symbol by snipping an image from the net and pasting it on the text to give it the look of In order to place it on my transparent frame for my geo filter I had to save the image with white background and then edit it in Pixlr to make it a vector image by using the magic brush and Lasso tool to get rid of minute inner white background.


  •  After editing all the elements to be used for the filter and making them all a vector image I placed them in a manner that they may have a good visual composition for the frame leaving adequate room for the that dedicated audiences can show their love for the brand and also promote the brand.

Vola!! Easy Peezy our Snapchat filter is now ready.but cannot be tested without approval from Snapchat. The best part about this is you can set a Gro field to select the location where you want you geo filter to appear, I chose Seneca college as my geo field.That’s how easy and simple it is to make a Snapchat geo-filter