Communicating with imagery

The images below are an effective way of promoting social media campaigns, they represent the primary area of commitment with respect to the brand and is very effective way of drawing user attention through the way in which the image is put forth. Imagery is a very effective channel for marketing strategy they not only promote the brand but create an impact of the visitor and create a user experience with one-time visual communication.

The Two images below represent my favorite brand and evokes effective use of imagery.

Surfers work on breath-holding exercises so they can catch the next wave – not watch it.

This post by Nike portrays the training that surfers undertake in order to ensure that they are comfortable enough holding their breath underwater so that they can paddle fast enough to set themselves to ride the wave. The serenity of the bottom of the sea along with the look of determination of the surfer carrying the stone conveys a strong message that you need to try hard to accomplish anything. And the second surfer portrays the essence of teamwork or just the fact that someone has your back.

The simple hashtag of #justdoit accompanied by the explanation of the practice of the surfers seems motivational enough to want to make any individual feel like this is something that they too can accomplish and to get out there and give it a try.

And although it goes without saying that all the apparel are Nike products, a slightly more prominent display of the logo would appease the die-hard Nike lovers a little more.

Starbucks simple as that.

Simple as that. @EvolutionFresh #MangoCarrot #Smoothie

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In a world that constantly makes us wonder if we eat enough, or eat healthy enough, this before & after image by Starbucks portrays a healthy and appealing smoothie with the concept of what you see is what you get. Just as the caption says, this image is very simple with a nice message i.e. even if our trademark chocolate and whipped cream items do not interest you or if you are diet conscious, we are here for you and take the effort to create new varieties to suit your interests. And this time we bring you an evolutionary item consisting of fresh fruits and veggies. This item on the Starbucks menu would also provide the usual chai and latte customers something diverse from their daily choices if they ever feel like it.

This plain and simple image does ultimately on some level evoke an “oh yeah, maybe I ought to try this out someday” kind of response in the viewer.